Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chic Blvd Pink Tooth... Not only for the Chicks!

"The Mom Claire" received a Pink Tooth from Chic Blvd the other day. It just so happened to match my phone better than it matched hers. So, like the good ex-husband I am, I just had to adopt it. Little did I know that it was marketed for women. This did not matter to me, being the stable hetero that I am. It has a nice amount of "Bling" to it. I like a bit flash to bring out the sparkle in my eyes. Usually I am on the conservative side when it comes to accessories, but I think I wear it well.

It has great reception and was easily installed. I personally like the hands free voice recognition dialing. Since my phone has that feature, it works with the "Tooth" as well. It is nice that I can receive or dial calls without pulling my phone out. It is very handy in the car, since many states prohibits talking on cell phones while driving. I think that any man who likes some "Shine" in his appearance should over-look the name "Pink" Tooth and take a serious look at getting one of these. I just hide the box it comes in to make myself feel a bit better. LOL! Sorry "The Mom Claire", better luck next time.

Are you manly enough to order something called the "Pink Tooth"?
Click on my daughter below, operators are standing by!

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Love this Post! it looks good on you!

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