Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Precious Kid Review

Is your youngster quick like a bunny? Do your kids run off to explore the minute you turn your head? Do your kids like to play hide and seek when they shouldn't? Well, my little girl has sent me into a panic on more than one occasion. When my daughter and I are in a store she is curious about every product that catches her eye. Usually the products on the next isle over, just out of sight! I like to give my little girl just enough space to explore and learn, but she pushes the boundaries sometimes a bit too far. I am calm as long as she is not around anything dangerous, and she is stays in my sights. 

I recently received an item from My Precious Kid, that I believe could be useful to any parent with young children. It is the Child Locator.

This product is shaped like a little Bear that you can put on your child's shoes or clothing. The Bear has an ON/OFF switch so it can be turned OFF when not in use. The switch is in a place on the Bear that a child is not likely to be able to turn it OFF when attached. There is a remote unit that a parent can carry. It has a key chain ring-loop on it so you can use it as a key chain or hook it anywhere convenient. When the Bear is ON, you push a button on the remote, and it will signal the Bear. The Bear will send out a loud, high pitch sound that you will be able to hear from very far away. I tested the signal strength in and the remote went through several walls, and also through the second story floor in my home. The manufacturer promotes an 150 ft. range between remote and receiver. Personally, I wouldn't like to stretch it that far. I am protective of my little princess! But for me, I like it for when we go to the store, shopping trip's, or are in crowds. I can give her enough space to feel independent, without having to truly panic when she gets out of sight. Now when she sneaks off , instead of panicking,I always know which direction that I need to go. 

By NO means is this product meant to be used in place of parental supervision! But as a parent, I know that kids will be kids. In my experience, children will always try to expand their boundaries. I do not like to suffocate my daughter, because I want her to grow up to be an independent young lady with self confidence. I love feeling needed and will always be there for her, but I don't like to hover over her like some oppressive cloud.

So if your child is a wandering spirit. Or if you just like to always win at Hide and Seek, I would suggest the Child Locator's for parents that are on-the-go. They now have the Child Locator Alert Blue, which will automatically chirp when the child wanders further than 20 to 30 feet away. NICE!!!!

My Precious Kid has a wide variety of products, from Home Safety, Safety Education, to helpful Baby Gear. As a parent who is concerned for my child's safety and well being, I am glad that I was introduced to this helpful site, My Precious Kid!


Living It, Loving It said...

What am amazing tool! However, I am debating because of how loud it is. Might scare the youngster. But I guess that is the ONLY downfall. Safety is a top priority.

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