Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Art's and Craft's with your kid.

I am constantly thinking about ways to spend quality time with my daughter. I cherish the time I now have with my daughter while she is young, because I know that when she gets to be a teenager, she won't want anything to do with me. Except for whats in my wallet! While I was trying to come up with new activities for us, I thought of what my parents used to do with me when I was my daughters age. Its funny, but some of the only memories I have of age's 3 to 5 are of times when my parents and I were doing art project's or other activities. This tells me that as a child, I valued those times with my parent's more than other memories. I figured that maybe I could share some activities that I used to do in hope's that some one might find that their children also enjoy them. So I decided to periodically make a suggestions on different activities that a father (mother) could do with his (her) children. Here is the first of many projects that might help you bond with your child.
 Wax paper art.
Items you will need for project:
Roll of Wax paper        
Colored Crayons
Clothing Iron
Drop Cloth or old sheet
Leaves and small Flower's(any non-toxic thing foliage

This is a simple one, but it's really fun. Find a large enough clear space inside, or preferably outside, to lay down a drop cloth or table cloth. You could even use an old sheet. Take the paper off the colored crayons. Use the cheese shredder to break up the crayons into sliver's, or you could put the crayons between two piece's of wax paper and have the kids crush with a round cup, into a crayon powder. They would probably really enjoy squishing the crayon's.Keep the colors separated. You might want to do most of the prep, depending on your child's age. 

Here's the cool part! Put the iron on low heat. Have the kids cut two piece's of wax paper about the same size. Place one piece flat on the table cloth. Scatter some crayon powder (many colors) over the paper. Take the leaves, flowers, etc., and arrange them on the paper. Then take more powdered crayons and sprinkle different colors all over the arrangement. Then place the other piece of wax paper over the top of the whole layout, try to line up both piece's of paper evenly. Then iron the wax paper sandwich until the crayons melt and the two papers hold together by the crayons. Keep the iron moving in small circle's so as to not melt the wax paper. The colors will melt and mix in between the paper and you will be able to see the leaves and flowers patterns swirled in colors. Let everything cool and do not remove the wax paper. You will be able to see the colors and leaves through the paper. You and you kid have just made a piece of art that you can treasure. Every child can be an artist with this type of activity. Just make sure that you watch the look in your kids eyes when they are seeing the colors melt together. Realized that the joy comes not only from the art, but is also from you spending time with them. For it is our time that children truly crave and need to feel loved. I hope that you try this wax paper collage. I really enjoyed it when I was a child, I hope your kids do too.
I apologize for not having pictures up on this post. I will get some on this topic soon. Hope you try this and Love it. If you have any question's, please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon.


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