Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tupperware for men? Are you kidding me?

If you don’t know, I have my ex-wife living with me along with our daughter. She is a Tupperware Consultant. I had always made jokes about the products  like “Tupperware is for women” . When she moved in she had so much of it, because she gets tons of it for free for just selling it. She has so much Tupperware that it takes up two whole compartments in my (our) cabinet. When I say she has a lot of Tupperware, I mean it. At first I wanted to throw out most of it, to free up the space for  what I called “ more useful things.“ She wasn‘t having any of that! For the first couple weeks, I continued to keep this perspective. I was frustrated and had the incorrect notion that it was not used enough to warrant the space usage. I had even joked about burning them in the fire place, and then she reminded me of the lifetime warrantee. “They would just replace it” Claire said.  When I heard that statement, I thought of  and old child-hood song, “The cat came back, the very next day”. After a month or so, I started to be able to noticed the difference and longevity and freshness in our produce and left-over’s.  It took me a while to realize the benefits of Tupperware. I slowly, but surely came to love them.

One of my favorite products they have are the fridge smart containers. They have two small holes in them to adjust the right amount ventilation. They  keep produce fresh for the longest amount of time that I have ever seen in any other fridge storage product (short of vacuum sealers). For example: once we bought a very large bunch of grapes. I put as much of them in the Tupperware container as I could, and left the rest in the bag it came in,(a zip lock type of bag). I had forgotten about them for over a month. The grapes in the bag eventually rotted to the point that there was liquefied grape juice in the bag. I took out the grapes in the Tupperware, certain that I would have to dispose of them. To my surprise, the grapes were as fresh as the day that I had bought them. We used to waste a good amount of money because food would go bad before it had a chance to be eaten. By investing in Tupperware, we have actually saved more than money than the products cost by not letting all that food go to waste. They have a variety of products for just about every use you could think of. Now I  find myself doing the unheard-of, actually loving Tupperware

I also like having Tupperware products in my house. I no longer have to worry about my daughter going into the fridge to find her snacks, and making a sloppy mess that would take me the longest of time to clean. Besides preventing accidents and spills, I have also found other Tupperware products to be very useful. I absolutely LOVE the assortment of knives that they supply.I am a knife collector and somewhat of a good cook (if I do say so myself).

I also like some of their measuring containers, specifically that "Quick shake container". It allows me to measure and mix my sauces, marinades and drinks without dirtying more than one container. In my book, less to wash = a winning product! They have such a wide variety of products that everyone can find something they like and will use on a regular basis. I fear Tupperware no more! 


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