Friday, June 5, 2009

Diaper Dude Review

Having a child with many needs and demands, a father must be prepared. In the home, I have instant access to all my children's necessities at my disposal. Diaper's, drinks, medicine, clothing, food, toys, or anything else my child might need. But when it comes time to go out of the safety zone (that is home), I always forget something that my kid needs when I am packing for the outing. The only thing more frustrating than my little girl screaming for a drink, is realizing that knuckle-head dad forgot to pack it.
It's bad enough having to carry everything around in a pink frilly diaper bag that my wife bought. None-the-less, I used it because they were helpful in keeping everything organized. To save face, I used to try and load the babies stuff in my gym bag, but everything ended all mixed up and it took forever to find what she needed. Not to mention it was way too bulky and awkward to carry.
I recently found a Man's diaper bag from Diaper Dude. What a God sent! Finally, a children's carry-all designed for the father's need. They have a wide variety for Dad to choose from. I chose the EcoDude, since it is made from recycled material. I am trying to buy more products that are easier on the environment. This Diaper Dude bag has room for just about anything I would ever need to carry with me for my little girl. As I said before, I always forget some type of baby staple while packing for an outing with the little one. This EcoDude makes getting prepared easy for me. It actually has a "Fool" proof check list printed on the inside. I will no longer feel like an idiot for forgetting something like a change of clothes. That's worth the cost alone! Not having to rely on Mom to tell me what to pack is empowering. Literally, I use my EcoDude every day, and I can truthfully say that I am SO HAPPY that I have it!

DiaperDude's bags have a spot for all my child's needs. There are many different zipper or Velcro compartments. A place for everything and everything in it's place. As if all that wasn't enough, EcoDude comes with a portable, folding changing mat. It also has a padded shoulder strap that is comfortable to wear, even when carrying my daughter in my arms. It even has room for some of Daddy's needs, like ear plugs! But all kidding aside, it also has a pocket for my cell phone on the shoulder strap. The backing is padded for comfort, and has a breathable mesh fabric to help with that sweaty daddy syndrome. There are rings on the sides to clip on accessories, good for keys or anything else you can think of. Diaper Dude has a nice variety of helpful products. They also update with new products often. So even if I had every product that they supplied, I would need to periodically go back to the Diaper Dude site to check out whats new.

They are focused mainly on the needs of today's father, but they don't forget to keep mommy happy. They have a whole line called DivaBags, which I am sure that any mother would be more than pleased to receive one. They have accessories and even have a couple MiniDudes, which are compact waist pouches that are useful for carrying those kids necessities that are used frequently. Their line varies from casual to bussiness styles.

All in all, with Diaper Dude, I know that every Dad will be able to find something that they would use daily. Dad's, go get yourself a Diaper Dude and stop using those frilly, girly patterned bags that the wife buys. And if there are any Moms who are reading this, don't make your hubby carry your pretty luggage anymore. Get him a bag that he won't have to hide in public.

I was lucky to be able to have a small Q&A with the founder of Diaper Dude, Chris Pegula:

1. Do you have any other suggestions about items you think are needed when packing, besides the things listed on the inside flap of the Diaper Dude bags?
You know I was going to answer no but I just realized we should have included hand sanitizer. That is something that is a no brainer.

2. How long has Diaper Dude been in business?
This coming Father’s Day ’09 will mark our 6th year in business

3. What did your family think when you came up with the Diaper Dude concept?
They were totally supportive and excited. My wife always comments that I am the idea guy since I am constantly coming up with something new practically every day whether it’s a new dad product or concept for a movie/TV show or everyday solutions to make life easier. IT just so happens that Diaper Dude came at the right time and I seized the moment.

4. Do you plan on expanding Diaper Dude, or starting up any other father related sites?
I do. Stay tuned.

5. How often do you introduce new products on Diaper Dude?
That’s a tough one to answer since I really work on instinct not a set timeline. I always want things done yesterday so it would be smart if I would work on a timeline but part of my creativity comes out of working on last minute projects.

6. What do see for the future of Diaper Dude?
My goal is to make Diaper Dude a brand where Dads can feel like part of a community that supports being active and as much involved in parenting as possible. We are working on our site as a social network for Dad’s to share, ask questions, etc so they can feel supported in this new journey they are about to embark on. Being a new parent is both exciting and scary. I hope Diaper Dude will assist in easing that fear.

Today, I am proud to say that I am a Diaper Dude Dad!


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